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Welcome to the Vintage Conservatory


Welcome to the Vintage Conservatory,

At least once a month, we will plan an Importer or Wine Maker Tasting, where Members can come and taste a series of wines typically available only by consignment purchase.

Toronto’s Exclusive Private Wine Club

At The Vintage Conservatory, Members are invited to benefit from the welcoming features that make the cellar truly “one of a kind”. No other private wine club can support the same level of customer service and dedication.

The vision of a truly remarkable and contemporary wine club was only the beginning. The Vintage Conservatory is not only a place to enjoy the art of wine, but we are a truly remarkable wine community. Combining wine storage solutions with member appreciation and wine education, the Vintage Conservatory is Toronto’s best private wine & wine storage club.

The Vintage Conservatory brings it members exclusive events that not only captivate a most remarkable Toronto wine community but also bring it’s members education and culinary delights for your private event needs. The Vintage Conservatory has become the fastest growing private wine clubs in Toronto.

The Members Lounge & Bar

A very communal and versatile member’s only space that doubles as our event space. Members come to congregate every night of the week to enjoy vintages, culinary pleasures as well as exclusive member’s only events that delight the mind and soul. During the day our members only lounge can also cater to our members needing a mobile office, or a semi-private area for a quick downtown meeting, or even a place to extend warm and courteous thank you to a new or existing client.

The Dining Room

Are you planning a formal dinner with friends and family? Need a beautiful space to conduct a private business meeting or just want to extend the benefits of a Vintage Conservatory membership to your clients through the culinary graces of our chef Andrew Carleton Smith than rest assured we can cover all your requirements and more. Our formal dining room is open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week by reservation on a first come first serve basis. We can handle any reservation up to 24 people who desire breakfast, lunch or dinner service. Check out our Menu Here

Private Event Space

Have a private event and want to really impress your guests? Vintage Conservatory offers the perfect venue for our members to rent out the space for private events. Catered and professional any event is always a successful event when you add the class and sophistication of Toronto’s most exclusive and private Toronto wine club. In order to fulfill your private event space request please fill out this form. Private Event Space

Vintage Conservatory Proprietors

Constantine Patiniotis Constantine Patiniotis, Owner & Co-Founder

Andrew Carleton Smith Andrew Smith, Culinarian & Co-Founder


Vintage Conservatory a Private Members Club Like no Other

The Vintage Conservatory prides itself on providing the highest quality services and facilities to the people that matter most – our members.

Vintage Conservatory Membership buttonA congregation of wine enthusiast who are committed to the idea of it’s exclusive community. A wine community that extends it’s appreciation to those like minded individuals that share the same values. Our community includes all walks of life, from corporate to entrepreneurial and those involved in the arts & media. A Vintage Conservatory membership is one that helps engage it’s members to seek out new friendships and make new connections. At the Vintage Conservatory our strength is in our members, established and emerging leaders who are shaping the landscape of Toronto.


Vintage Conservatory Member Benefits
Why the vintage Conservatory
Vintage Conservatory Membership Applications
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Membership at the Vintage Conservatory provides 24 hour secure access 7 Days a week to the Vintage Conservatory social club as well as to your private wine locker. The private wine locker is secured via your personal finger print, access is only granted to members only.  Once inside you will be welcomed to a beautifully designed precision climate controlled private wine storage locker that is truly a technological masterpiece. 

Members without access to the correct conditions to store fine wine at home may use our Members’ only storage lockers. Inside our climate controlled and highly secured area your wine is monitored for optimal storage conditions 24 hours a day 7 Days a week.

Our Mission

The Vintage Conservatory strives to educate and enhance our members wine tasting experience

Toronto’s young vibrant and savvy wine connoisseurs now have a private wine club and professional storage facility for their finest collectibles and favorite wine consumables.

Vintage Conservatory Mission Statements and PurposeFounded by wine lovers with a passion for art and culinary excellence, The Vintage Conservatory is a vibrant and exclusive private members’ wine club. Giving Toronto’s wine lovers a unique experience to share their collections with family and friends is our fundamental core value.

Our VisionWine is our mission statement

Wine is at the foundation of every gathering small or large at the Vintage Conservatory

Our mission is to bring people together and provide an environment of unequaled sophistication and unparalleled sense of community. At the core of the Vintage Conservatory we strive to provide education and the connection to a world of wine that Toronto wine lovers deserve.

All members have 24 hour access to their own personal wine storage solution that is guaranteed to provide the optimal storage solution that not only protects their collections but secures against theft or damage as well.

Members gather nightly and enjoy sharing their new, old or even collectible vintages that bring about discussion and passion that is not found in any other wine club.

Our services to our members also include the use of all our facilities. There include private meeting and private dining rooms to shared kitchen area where members will find all the right equipment they need to enjoy their time at the Vintage Conservatory.



Vintage Events

What's on at the Vintage Conservatory

eventsThe vintage conservatory brings you the following events, although you have to be a member to attend all members are allowed to bring guests with them to any of our  exciting and cultural wine tastings.

Here you will always find a list of fantastic events that not only stimulate our fine private community but also enhance the lives of our members, it’s community and our friends.





 DateEvent Name

April 26, 2014 2:30 pm

The Cellar Sisters' Spring Showcase

We're raising a glass (or three) to Spring and the warmer, sunny days ahead!
Join us as we share a selection of unique, boutique wines from Niagara and Prince Edward County that are not available at the LCBO.  Taste, and have a chance to buy some refreshing whites, fruity Rosés and racy reds for the barbeque season ahead!  No charge for VC members.

Ridge Road Estate  | Cornerstone | Harwood Estate | Keint-he

For more information, contact MJ or Angie at info@thecellarsisters.ca

April 30, 2014 6:00 pm

Basic Wine Appreciation Seminar and Workshop

The 5’s of Wine Tasting

  1. Hold a glass by its stem…it’s not a freakensippy cup.
  2. Basic wine knowledge: what’s in it for you?
  3. Buy smarter
  4. Pair better
  5. Look more sophisticated.
  6. Wine etiquette for business…
  7. Stop ducking the restaurant wine list
  8. Become the “go-to” guy/ gal for choosing the wine
  9. What is the “quality” of a wine?

May 2, 2014 6:00 pm

Wine Maker Dinner from Beaujolais - Manoir du Carra

Cremant de Bourgogne, Beaujolais Blanc 2012

Unfiltered Beaujolais Villages 2013

Beaujolais Cru Brouilly 2012

Beaujolais Cru Moulin a Vent and Feurie 2010


May 7, 2014 6:00 pm

Advanced Wine Appreciation Seminar and Workshop

Why are aromas so important to wine appreciation?

  1. You cannot taste what you cannot smell…
  2. Ever tried to describe an aroma with words…?
  3. Can you possibly like the taste of a wine but not its aroma?  And vice versa?
  4. Why and how all our senses are so heavily influenced by our sense of smell
  5. How does your nose work with your palate?  And with your eyes…and ears.
  6. How good is your nose?
  7. Are you officially a Supertaster?  Find out.
  8. Can you detect a wine fault?
  9. Waiter, WTF is in my wine glass…
  10. How do you know what you like?
  11. Define your own taste profile and never buy the wrong wine again…ever.
  12. Pair better, buy smarter, save money.
  13. So you thought the crunch of Pringles was an accident?
  14. How sensory marketing is creating “experiences” for you.
  15. See (and smell) what companies like Courvoisier, McDonald’s, BMW, and Unilever are doing to get “inside your head”.
  16. An email message you can smell…? Really?

May 8, 2014 8:00 pm


Wine Bank  is a licensed Private Winemaking Club where Members benefit exclusively from the experience of having access to California’s finest grapes, modern winemaking facility and hands-on education from world class winemakers.


The wine in 2014 will be made from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes which will be selected from some of the most highly regarded and unique vineyards in the Napa Valley.

These vineyards produce exquisite wines that exhibit great complexity and structure, age gracefully, consistently score high 90’s with Parker and the Wine Spectator and have price tags in excess of $100.

Member’s wine will be meticulously handled from start to finish. Individual barrel aging will be in new barriques hand crafted by boutique French cooperages.

Each barrel yields 24 dozen, 750 ml bottles.

Barrels can be sold in full or half  barrel lots and the cost per bottle is approximately $40.


The wine is private labelled for each member and eligible as a tax deductible business expense. Quarterly dinners, prepared by renowned chefs and paired with wines from around the world, are a privilege of members and their guests.

Annual trips to the Napa Valley are coordinated for Members.

May 11, 2014 6:00 pm

Steak Night - 4 spots left

By popular and enthusiastic demand we are hosting a second steak night for those who missed out last month.
Mark your calendars.
Only 4 spots left, so please RSVP, ASAP!

May 13, 2014 12:00 pm

Adrian Davis hosts: Speaker Series: Story telling and Sales - How to become an engaging story teller

How to Sell More with Stories  - May 13th, 2014.  12:00pm to 2:00pm, $200.00

Adrian Davis is one of Canada’s most sought after business speakers and coaches, and proud long standing member of The Vintage Conservatory.  Together we are very proud to launch our first in our Lunch and Learn Series with Adrian.  Specializing in improving skills in Sales, Adrian has developed many workshops to great acclaim.  We begin our series with Improving How to Sell More with Stories.

An effective storyteller has the ability to bypass the analytical brain and speak to the heart. We are all wired for story and we crave to hear more stories. Every year we spend millions of dollars to have people tell us stories [think of how much is spent on movies ,theater and novels - all forms of storytelling]. You can cash in on some of this money by learning to tell great stories.  Anyone can become a great storyteller, but be careful, telling stories with the purpose to persuade and sell is different than telling stories to entertain or just inform.  Stories have the ability to fire the imagination and stir the soul to action. To be an effective persuader, you need less data and more stories. Join us in this fast-paced workshop to develop your powerful and persuasive storytelling abilities.

Take Your Sales Skills to a New Level 


 How to Sell More with Stories is a fast-paced, no nonsense workshop specifically for sales professionals who want to accelerate their sales performance. This workshop will equip you with the tools you need to seize attention and capture imagination.  In this 2-hour workshop, you will learn:

  1. How the brain works and why it can't resist stories.
  2. How to structure your stories for maximum impact.
  3. A foolproof way to position yourself as the "go to" expert.

Most importantly, you'll learn

  • how to capture people's interest and imagination
  • how to cut through indifference and make people care about your offer

This workshop is not to be missed! Register today!

June 2, 2014 6:00 pm

Women's Networking Event - Details to follow



If you have any questions regarding any of the events on our list feel free to contact us anytime.

The Wine Cellar

Private Wine Storage & Private Wine Case Storage






At the Vintage Conservatory every effort has been carefully made to ensure your wine collection is protected, valued and kept safe. Whether you are storing high valued bottles or are keeping bottles available for consumption Vintage Conservatory cellars is eager to support your needs.

Wine Case Storage Solutions

The Vintage Conservatory (VC) offers a full service Case Storage plan for those looking to cellar their wines long term. Your collection will be stored safely in a private bulk storage area only accessed by the Conservatory’s staff.

As a wine connoisseur that is struggling with an overstocked wine cellar you can easily free up space in your home cellar by utilizing the VC’s Case Storage Service. Furthermore, this program can also relieve the stress and worry of what to do with your wine collection during a relocation or restoration of your home wine cellar.

Case storage is the perfect service for a member who requires a custodial service with such perks as pick-up, delivery, and direct deposit into your wine collection from an agent or LCBO. This service is best utilized by those whose wine withdrawal needs are moderate and infrequent.

To inquire how you can take advantage of our wine storage solutions please call Constantine Patiniotis

Quickly, bring me a beaker of wine, so that I may wet my mind and say something clever


- Aristophanes