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Tue, Nov 29



Champagne Showcase 2.0

For the SECOND time ever, join us for a very special VC exclusive event - two of Toronto's renowned champagne portfolios will go head to head! Join Stephen Cohen of Groupe Soleil and Mark Jacolby of Context Wines for dinner and tasting.

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Champagne Showcase 2.0
Champagne Showcase 2.0

Time & Location

Nov 29, 2022, 6:30 p.m. EST

Toronto, 87 Avenue Rd, Toronto, ON M5R 3R9, Canada

About the Event

TICKETS @ $285/p (plus hst/grat) 

For the SECOND time ever, join us for a very special VC exclusive event - two of Toronto's renowned champagne portfolios have aligned for an evening! Join Stephen Cohen of Groupe Soleil and Mark Jacoby of Context Wines for dinner and tasting to get your holiday gifts in order. 

Two wines per course will be enjoyed while paired with a menu curated by Chef Steven


Pierre Gerbais Extra Brut Cote de Bar  $ 79.95/bt cs 6  Diebolt Vallois Bl de Bl Brut ( Cramant) $ 84.95/bt cs 6 Bereche Reserve Brut  $ 98.95/bt cs 6 Jacquesson Cuvee 745 Extra Brut  $ 125.95/bt cs 6 Pierre Gerbais Single Vineyard Lieu dit Champ Viole Bl de Bl 100% Chardonnay  $ 129.95/bt cs 6 ------------ ------------- Aubry Brut NV $75 - IS chardonnay, p. meunier, p. noir, arbanne [91  pts Vinous] 6 / 750 ml   Nicolas Maillart Extra Brut $93.5 - IS pinot noir, chardonnay, pinot meunier 6 / 750 ml  Christophe Mignon Brut Nature ADN NV $90 - LIM pinot meunier [92  pts Vinous] 6 / 750 ml   Nicolas Maillart Les Loges $140 - LIM pinot noir 6 / 750 ml      Nicolas Maillart 2014 Chaillots Gillis $170 - LIM chardonnay 6 / 750 ml


10% discount for attendees who order that evening


Seared Scallop   sweet potato, pancetta, brown butter Parmesan Risotto   champagne, parmesan foam & crisp, apple   Cornish Hen  hen 2 ways, lemon potato, charred radicchio, chicken jus  Twice Baked Cheese Tart

bruleed cranberry, rosemary


Nicolas Maillart:

The Maillart family's link with viticulture dates back to 1753, although a historical document dating back to 1553 has been found indicating a vine trail made by Pierre Maillart who worked at the Abbey of Saint Nicaise in Chamery. Now, with Nicolas Maillart, we are in front of the ninth generation of Vignerons and the family philosophy is perpetuated: their aim is to express in wines the potential of their terroir. All their vineyards are located in the Premier and Grand Cru villages in the Montagne de Reims area, exposed halfway up the hill and of mature age, where Pinot Noir is mainlt grown (75%), which, together with the finesse of Chardonnay, can express all its fruit and power.

Since 2009, the Maillarts have been further committed to respecting the environment by building 130 square metres of photovoltaic panels, which represent 90% of their production, and have also obtained the HVE (Haute Valeur Environnementale) certification for their excellent conduct and another important certification for sustainable viticulture.

The work in the cellar, careful to respect the personality and character of the grapes, involves the partial use of wood and parcellar vinification. All the "vins de réserve" are also partially aged in barriques to increase their complexity. At the time of blending, therefore, they have a wide variety of wines to choose from, which allows them to make Champagne of constant quality, but also to put aside the most original and particularly expressive ones.

An absolute rarity is a "free-footed" plot located on a sandy soil, halfway up the hill, where Pinot Noir without graft holder is grown. This vineyard has an unusual history that is worth mentioning, taking us back to the beginning of the 20th century and the damage caused by phylloxera after which the vineyards, including this particular plot, were gradually replanted with grafts. However, many plants died, except those that had developed their own root system. On the basis of this observation, it was decided to replant the entire plot in 1973 with a mass selection of not grafted Pinot Noir, as it had originally been. Over thirty years later, the vines are still alive and produce grapes of superior quality, so a specific Champagne was born - only in really great vintages. This Champagne is a reflection of Domaine Nicolas Maillart and their vocation to bring out the flavors of the terroir of the Champagne region.


Pierre and Philippe Aubry started their adventure in Jouy-les-Reims, in the heart of Petit Montagne de Reims, in 1970 and decide to give a new birth to some old abandoned vineyards, located in this Champagne region. Relying on solid knowledge and expertise, acquired thanks to their father, Pierre and Philippe won their challenge, that uas mixing classical to the original and they created a rare Cuvées selection. This collection reflects the Maison spirit, a philosophy, that can be summarised in austerity, traditions, creativity and novelty. These principles are applied over a lot of 16 hectares, organised in more than 60 parcels. The soil has a double exposure and different vines and allows the two brothers to bring Aubry style to the next level, enriching the tradition of the limited series of exceptional Champagne.

Christophe Mignon:

Christophe Mignon comes from a long family tradition as vignerons in Festigny. His property consists of 7 hectares, mostly planted with Meunier - the most suitable vine for the local terroir. Mignon is able to mix different natural practices, such as biodynamics, phytotherapy, homeopathy and geobiology. Christophe and his wife Laurence have been following moon cycles for over 20 years, defetmining the rhythm in the fields and in the cave. He explains his philosophy as follows: "To a vigneron moon is like a metronome to a musician". He is still looking for a symphony between the root and the environment, so Mignon employs one worker for every hectare. This is an ambitious and expensive method to protect low production but high quality.

Pierre Gerbais:

The Maison Pierre Gerbais is located in Celles-sur-Ource, a village in the Côte des Bars. Different generations of wine makers has led to a stimulating and innovative reality, thanks to Pascal Gerbais, managing the cave since 1996. He also introduced biological and natural methods. Nowadays the maison owns 14 hectares and offers one of the most classical vines of the region: the rare Pinot Blanc, in its variety "Vrai". Integrated lots, fusion between innovation and tradition, a reduced usage of sulphurs are the main features of the high quality production of this rising Maison.


Bérêche & Fils owns around 7 hectares in the area of Montagne de Reims, since 2004, when Raphael joined his father in the family business. He brought a decisive revolution in the Champagne production and everything changed: systemic treatments and herbicides have been banned from the vineyards and rows are carefully looked after. The cave is well organised, too: a large room is dedicated to spontaneous fermentations and to the use of different oak barrels, in terms of quality and origin, both for vinification and maturation. Interesting are also tirages with cork tops to let Cuvées age under controlled oxydation. He is trying to bring ancient techniques back, but with awareness and sensitivity.


Jacques Diebolt is one of the best wine-growers in Côte des Blancs. The Maison covers a surface of 13 hectares, located in Cramant, Choully, Cuis and Mesnil sur Oger. Diebolt-Vallois Champagnes are the result of a united family: Jacques Diebolt Vallois and Nadia are helped by their two children, Isabelle and Arnaud, who are very active in the business. They are considered experts in the vinification of Chardonnay grapes.


The Maison has had the name of its founder since 1978. It had a great success from the beginning, thanks to the quality of its wines. The Jacquesson Champagne was Napoleon's favourite and in 1810 the Emperor gave the maison one of the most significant acknowledgement of that time, a gold metal for "la Beauté et la Richesse de ses Caves" (the beauty and richness of the caves). Today the Maison Jacquesson & Fils is proud to follow the path traced by its glorious founders and concentrates its efforts in an annual production of 350,000 bottles, with non-industrial methods, obtaining the higher quality standards ever. This old but small maison in Dizy, not far from Aÿ, under the wise guide of the Chiquet brothers is one of the biggest companies in the Champagne region and despite its success, it never increased its production. Grapes come mainly from owned vineyards (28 hectares), 11 of which are located in Côte de Blancs, in Avize. A rigorous vinification, followed by an excellent aging, lead to Vintage Cuvées, sold not according to their chronological order but their maturity. A low dosage (all vintage are elaborated as Extra Brut) preserves the fineness and pureness of the wine.

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