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The Académie du Vin was established in Paris in 1973 by Steven Spurrier as France's first private wine school. It is associated with the 1976 Judgement of Paris blind wine tasting which brought international recognition to California wines.
Steven Spurrier, together with Marc Nadeau, who is also well versed and skilled in the subject of objective wine appreciation, then decided to bring the world class Académie du Vin to Canada to better guide anyone with more than a passing interest in wine. Académie du Vin is based in Toronto, with courses led at The Vintage Conservatory in Yorkville, these various courses steer one through the principles of tasting, providing detailed explanations of the influences of grape variety, soil, and climate. From the most essential elements, right down to the DNA of the vintage, Marc and the team of educators are a repository of insight helping unlock the why behind how you feel and think towards a fine wine.


Through our ongoing courses, events and best-selling books from Steven’s publishing house in the UK Académie du Vin Library, the Académie du Vin encourages our guests to discover wine tasting and appreciation through a traditional approach using our wealth of knowledge to train how your senses should feel.

It’s a place and modern community focused on a passion for fine wine allowing us to share our interest with likeminded people who have an innate curiosity but without the intimidation factor.



Iron Gate Wine operates a group of companies all dedicated to serving fine wine collectors in Canada and around the world.  Iron Gate – Private Wine Management offers storage and inventory services in Toronto.  IronGate.Wine is an online retailer of private collections in Buffalo, NY.  Buffalo Wine Storage operates a high security facility in Buffalo, NY.  Iron Gate Auctions offers fine wine auction services from Calgary, Alberta, accessible to all Canadians.  We also have contacts around the world for specialty sales and services when required.  If it involves fine wine and we can’t do it, we know who will.

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